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I was interviewed briefly for an article on egg freezing, partially because I wanted readers to see that it has legitimate medical justification for some people and isn’t just a celebrity fad.

Celebs Freeze Eggs While Careers are Hot


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Stress and Health

My mom and my grandma have always liked to come up with reasons behind my cancer diagnosis. “Your dorm was really dirty, there were a lot of germs.” “You were sick for a few years, I could tell ever since you had that shoulder problem in high school.” “You were under a lot of stress.”

I’ve always been skeptical of these rationales, though I know they mean well.  But recently, Men’s Health reported a link between stress and inflammation – since Hodgkin’s lymphoma is caused by an immune system gone haywire, I really am starting to think that stress may be a factor in cancer.  Sometimes, I get so stressed that I feel just as unwell as when I was sick, and I’m convinced the cancer has returned.  I feel like that says a lot.

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Goal Updates

In December 2011, I started a Life List to motivate my growth post-treatment and inspire me to keep moving forward.  The two major offshoots were my 200-cheese-adventure and my Bostonian restaurant quest.  I’ve been updating these pages regularly in the past year, but I haven’t bumped the posts.  Check out the links to hear about my adventures.

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