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Post-war cancer

An article from Al-Jazeera about estimated cancer rates in the wake of the Iraq War.  It should really make us all think about the productivity of violence and the carelessness with which we use chemical compounds.

I started thinking about how I would feel if I had a strong suspicion of what caused my cancer… especially if the cause was forced upon me.  I once read a hypothesis about Hodgkin’s lymphoma: incidence is highest among first-borns in developed nations, and it is speculated that the immune system malfunctions after being sheltered from disease (particularly in the absence of peers–read, older siblings–to transmit disease).  If that were truly the cause, I should be grateful for the comfortable, happy childhood and be ever confused by the collateral cancer.  But bombs? pollutants? modified food? That only gives me anger and frustration, as I desperately wish to undo the path of modern science.


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