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A collection of cancer-related posts that never quite made it to the blog…

Overdiagnosis– one of the most complicating problems for cancer survivors monitoring recurrence and secondary cancers

Life, Interrupted – cancer treatment on the main stage (this is what happens when a New York Times journalist faces cancer)

Exercise and Cancer Survivorship – just keep swimming.

And these videos speak for themselves:

$#!% Cancer Patients Say

The Real Housewives of Chemotherapy


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The return.

It has been the better part of a year since I posted here about survivorship issues–a testament to my life getting “back to normal” and fears of recurrence no longer controlling my thoughts.

The biggest issue I’ve had since July was a general anxiety about mortality, which I tackled during my last semester in a personal essay, “Mortalititis,” for my creative nonfiction class.  In the time since my last post, I started a new relationship, finished my thesis, broke my arm, graduated college, moved into my first apartment.  I’ve been in the preliminary stages of blogging about cancer survivorship on a national level, submitting pieces about my experience to literary magazines, and formulating book ideas.  It’s all so surreal, living the life I never thought I’d live to see.  I never thought past graduation, but now I am here, making “life plans” and, of all things, planning a family.  Last week I start egg harvesting, essentially the first half of in vitro fertilization, in attempts to save the last vestiges of my fertility that chemo didn’t kill.  It’s unclear if it will be successful, and it’s unclear what the longterm side effects are, if any (this is relatively new technique, especially for cancer survivors).

Perhaps I’ll blog daily during my egg harvesting treatment; otherwise, I’ll post a synopsis at the end, which would have the added benefit of filtering out the hormonal delusions.

In the meantime, I’m planning on going through old drafts and unearthing some ideas I never got around to posting.  Once a survivor, always a survivor.

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